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Lago Specchio di Venere Information Point

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Municipality: Pantelleria

The Pantelleria National Park, in collaboration with the Park Guides and volunteers, provides information at the Information Point recently placed near the Bagno dell'Acqua Lake, also known as Specchio di Venere (The Venus Mirror). Here, support and adequate information is given to all visitors in order to increase their awareness of this place, for which respect and attention should be paid. Useful brochures are being distributed, so that visitors can enjoy it properly, respecting the rules and the environment.

PDF Welcome to the Bagno dell'Acqua Lake

Opening times: In the morning: 9.00 am - noon | In the afternoon: 4.00 pm - 7.00 pm

Lago Specchio di Venere Information Point
Lago Specchio di Venere Information Point
(photo by Parco Nazionale Isola di Pantelleria)
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