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L'asino di Pantelleria: Storia del recupero di una razza estinta (The donkey of Pantelleria: Recovery of an exinct breed)

Students from primary and middle school of Pantelleria realized a graphic workshop to create the illustrations for this story that talks about the recovery project carried out by Azienda Regionale Foreste Demaniali. They have succeeded in recovering the Pantelleria donkey, a breed that was considered completely exinct. It is a story that teaches us how to protect nature and culture and how to preserve our identity and our variety for those who have impossible dreams but never stop trying. 
  • Publisher: Azienda Regionale Foreste Demaniali della Regione Siciliana
  • Pages: 64
  • Size: 29,50x21 cm
  • Year: 2006
  • Price: 1.00 €  

Notes: Texts, writing and publishing: Valeria Restuccia, Azienda Regionale Foreste Demaniali
Illustrations by Students of Circolo Didattico Statale - Istituto Statale Onnicomprensivo Istruzione Secondaria di Pantelleria

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