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Montagna Grande Trail

On foot         Great Interest: Flora Great Interest: Wildlife 
  • Departure: parcheggio di Sibà alta (Pantelleria)
  • Arrival: Pantelleria
  • Duration: 3 hour/s 30 minutes
  • Difficulty Level: E - Hiking (level)
  • Length: 8 km
  • Difference in height: Uphill 460m - Downhill 460m
  • Involved Municipalities: Pantelleria
  • Virtual tour: lungo il sentiero

Trails no. 971 - 971A - 971C

The theme of this excursion, which develops within the pine forest of Montagna Grande, is a naturalistic-forestry one. You will start from the parking lot of Sibà Alta (Street View 1): on your view you will see a large tree with an open space used for parking cars, on the right side. Crossing the road you begin the path. You are in front of the crossroads, with an unpaved road on the left, and the stairway on the right (2) which leads to a mountain path, towards the equipped area of ​​Montagna Grande.

Montagna Grande
Montagna Grande
(photo by Parco Nazionale Isola di Pantelleria)

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The route is characterized by rich vegetation: the classic forest mantle is found at the edges of the fire-cutting strips; scrub-scrub, strawberry tree, maritime pine, the orchid of Pantelleria serapide maggiore (), the very particular Mediterranean honeysuckle (locera implexa), the little dittinella (Daphne gnidium) (3).

This walk offers a visit to the island that allows you to grasp many of its peculiarities. Beautiful is the panoramic view that on the left side ranges from the district of Siba to the lava flow of the Gelfiser and arrives at the Punta Spadillo Lighthouse (4).

Rach the sign with the indications for Montagna Grande and continue straight. The deviation to the left leads to Kuddia Mida or Randazzo (5).

You will find another indication for the Equipped Area of ​​Montagna Grande. The path is marked by uphill steps (6); go through the safety ring (7) and proceed straight ahead. You will meet another safety ring, then continue to the left along the road (8). A little further on take the small path on the left of the road (9), and continue until you reach the Equipped Area of ​​Montagna Grande (10).

Go up on the left through a forest path, to reach the top of Montagna Grande, characterized by tall trees (11). 200 meters separate you from the summit.

At the end of the path you find yourselves in the last parking lot (12) usually used by those who are directed to visit the cave of brigands (13 - curiosity); continue along the asphalted path to get under the tower, in the highest part to see the Gibele (photo 360°).

The route continues downhill (14), skirting the southeast part of the mountain, taking the path at the foot of the military tower. Particular is the presence of boulders which, due to the erosion of the atmospheric agents, have assumed the most disparate forms. Along this stretch of path, several panoramic points project towards the interior of the island to discover unparalleled natural landscapes ().

On the way back you will meet a huge semi-open lava bubble called LA CAPPELLUCCIA (15). Next to it, on the right side downhill, there is the crossroads towards the khaki pass, between Montagna Grande and Gibele ().

Follow the indications for the artificial lake (16). Walking you can enjoy an extraordinary view of Kuddia Randazzo up to Cala 5 denti (17).

At this point it is necessary to pay attention to the indications to get to the artificial reservoir that make you retrace a path inside the vegetation (18).

Upon reaching the artificial lake, you can take advantage of a stop in the refreshment area inside a wooden structure (19).

Leaving the lake behind you, take the unpaved road that connects you with the starting path (20).

You will cross an area of ​​the island characterized by lush vegetation as it is free from the damage of the tragic fire (21).

Follow the indications for Kuddia Mida (22). Go to the right of the unpaved road (23). Take the path on the left and follow the signs for Kuddia Mida Equipped Area - Parking Sibà (24). Here you can enjoy a panoramic view of Lago Specchio di Venere (25).

A land with iridescent colours from red to yellow and cavities in the ground from where weak vapours are still taking place. You are in Kuddia Mida, where you can admire the breath of the fumaroles (), and a view that reaches the airport and the lighthouse of Punta Spadillo (26).

After appreciating the colours and smells of a green and luxuriant forest, even in summer, and having had a view from above of the entire island, you could return to the starting point, following the path for the parking of Sibà Alta.

Trekking Montagna Grande
Trekking Montagna Grande
(photo by Parco Nazionale Isola di Pantelleria)
 Serapias cordigera
Serapias cordigera
(photo by Parco Nazionale Isola di Pantelleria)
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