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Bukkurám (Bukkurá)

Bukkurám is located in the middle of the island, at about 200 mt. a.s.l. and consists of a plateau, facing south-west, that is characterized by the presence of many vineyards cultivated with the traditional technique of sapling vine and by many dammusi, some even secular. The term is Arabic and derives from Bu (father, rich in) and karm (vineyards). The inhabitants are several dozens and are called "Bukkurióti". To visit the Church of San Michele, recently rebuilt, and the Grotta del Freddo (U Pirtúsu dū Nutáru, Grotta del Notaio), a natural blowhole under a steep part of windy rock, where there is an emission of cold air, due to the circulation of air currents inside the cave which lower the temperature around 10 °C.

Municipality: Pantelleria (TP) | Region: Sicily | View on Map
(photo by PN Isola di Pantelleria)
Grotta del freddo
Grotta del freddo
(photo by Parco Nazionale Isola di Pantelleria)
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