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From the Arabic sabah (morning), the city quarter rises to the west, on the slopes of Montagna Grande, whose shape could be seen when the sun appears. A mountain community lives in this plain; here you could find local products to buy from farmers or hike inside the island, crossing the paths of Montagna Grande, Gelfisér, kúddia Randázzo. In this area there is a cave with a natural sauna (Bagno Asciutto di Benikulá). To visit the church of Madonna del Rosario. The historical club is the Circolo Cavour. The inhabitants are called "Sibarióti".

Municipality: Pantelleria (TP) | Region: Sicily | View on Map
City quarter of Siba'
City quarter of Siba'
(photo by Parco Nazionale Isola di Pantelleria)
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