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Rekhále (Raháli)

From the Arabic rahal and Alì (city quarter of Alì), Raháli is an agricultural centre, located in the south-western part of the island. The city quarter uses to celebrate on March 19th, with the procession for San Giuseppe. The inhabitants are called "Rahalióti". A special feature to see is the small stone statue depicting a man and a woman, that is installed on the roof of an old dammuso belonging to an important family and used to signal the presence of an important person (stele of Raháli). Among the existing club, Circoli Roma and Unione, there is also the one called "casineddra", housed in a dammuso and consisting of a single room, so small as to place the orchestra on a mezzanine, put the men in the small corner bar and leave space to women to dance.

Municipality: Pantelleria (TP) | Region: Sicily | View on Map
(photo by PN Isola di Pantelleria)
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