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The small Pantelleria churches were built over the centuries by the local community, who shaped their appearance and structure according to the traditional architectural canons of dammúso.

Usually the central nave has a barrel roof with a diameter not exceeding 4-5 mt, while the side aisles and the apse have a vaulted roof. The side altars reflect the structure of the houses' alcoves. The churchyard is the traditional passiatúri, surrounded by the dukkéna. The external covering of the lateral arches forms a crenellated shaving, for the water to flow out but also to distinguish the church from the dammúso. The bell tower is never too high.

Here below there are the places of worship that fall within the Park area:

Church of Grazie
Pantelleria (TP)
Church of S. Antonio
Pantelleria (TP)
Church of S. Chiara
Pantelleria (TP)
Church of S. Giuseppe
Pantelleria (TP)
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