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The inner areas of the island

The inner part of the island is rich in places that intersect each other, creating natural sceneries of rare beauty, and affected by a network of dense and articulated paths that allows the visit to the most beautiful Pantelleria.

Starting from the northern part of the park, we immediately cross the Specchio di Venere Lake or Bagno d'Acqua (Vágnu di l'Ákkua), a large caldera deep up to 12 mt and located at 2 mt above sea level. Fed by both thermal springs and rains, the Lake offers hot springs, in which the water reaches a temperature varying between 40 and 50 ° C, and natural mud. The southern shore of the lake is the most biologically important part, where important and different species of cyanobacteria create a fascinating puzzle of colours. Here the vegetation becomes hygrophilous (unlike the rest of the island) and there are several endemisms that make it a treasure of diversity in the island. In spring and autumn, the Venere Lake becomes a natural observation point for the passage of multiple species of birds and it is possible to engage in bird-watching.

The lake is set between two important and fairly recent lava formations, the Khaggiár lavas (formed around 8,000 years ago) and the Gelfisér lavas (dated about 18,000 years ago). The first originate from the Kúddia Randazzo, while the Gelfisér seems to be a volcanic building collapsed on itself. The same name of the place derives from the Arabic gebél (mountain) and fizár (crack or burst); literally the name could be translated into "Montagna Spaccata". This is one of the most fascinating and inaccessible areas of the island, used over the centuries as a refuge area.

But the inland is dominated by the kúddie, in other words by the craters formed after the collapse of the main caldera, of which Montagna Grande was part. The main ones are Kúddia Mída, Kúddia Attalóra, Kúddia Randázzo, just to mention the largest. To these heights you could reach Monte Gibéle (700 mt) and the highest peak of Pantelleria, Montagna Grande with its 836 mt, a veritable sentry in the center of the Sicilian Channel.

Not only heights, even valleys and ridges, ancient witnesses of the primordial caldera, dominate the heterogeneous landscape inside the island, where the heroic agriculture of the Pantelleria reigns supreme. Garland, Serraglia, Barone, Monastero, Zighidí, Sibá (the most inland area of ​​the island, immersed in the National Park), but also Bukkurám with the Grotta del Freddo, Muéggen, and many other districts worthy of an excursion to immerse yourself in nature and in Pantelleria agriculture.

Montagna Grande
Montagna Grande
(photo by Mauro Silvia)
Lago Bagno dell'Acqua
Lago Bagno dell'Acqua
(photo by Andrea Belvisi)
Lago Bagno dell'Acqua
Lago Bagno dell'Acqua
(photo by Fabio Casano)
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