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Heroic agriculture in Pantelleria: the sapling vine

The Pantelleria cultivations are shaped by the extreme environmental conditions, linked to the constant windiness and to scarce rainfall, compensated by a great humidity. The most widespread crop is the vine, the Pantelleria sapling, cultivated in basins about 20 cm deep, useful for accumulating rainwater and protecting the grapes from the wind. Its cultivation technique, introduced by the Phoenicians, perfected and handed down over the centuries, is particularly articulated and involves several phases that finish with the harvest at the end of July. In 2014, UNESCO recognized the importance and uniqueness of the "Sapling Vine Agricultural Practice", by listing it on its Intangible Cultural Heritage List. It is the first time that an agricultural practice achieves this recognition. The Zibibbo grapes, obtained from these vineyards, represent the raw material for the vinification of the prized Passito di Pantelleria

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Sapling vine
Sapling vine
(photo by Andrea Belvisi)
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