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Map of the Itineraries inside the Pantelleria Park

The new updated map of the Pantelleria National Park is available online, which includes the 21 CAI trails, for trekking routes, with technical descriptions and main places; plus three thematic itineraries that can also be traveled by car: cultural itinerary of the agricultural practice of the sapling vine; geovulcanological itinerary; archaeological itinerary.

Among the novelties of this new official map, the mapped names are reported in two versions: the original term, usually of Arabic derivation, and a commonly used term. A peculiarity that the Park wanted to pay attention to in order to enhance the toponymic origins of the island and present them to all visitors, as a sort of refreshment of Pantelleria history.

The new version of the map also contains a detailed Vademecum for the hiker with official information to eliminate the risk factor and in keeping with post-covid precautions, in order to allow a safe travel experience. However, it is a work in progress that tends to be as complete as possible, to represent an effective guide tool for getting to know Pantelleria.
  • Year: 2021
  • Price: free
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