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Pantelleria Trail

On foot         
  • Length: 50 km

Pantelleria Trail was founded in 2010 as part of the Sicily Ecotrail Circuit, with the aim of promoting the Pantelleria Park (then A Oriented Nature Reserve) through the practice of Trail Running. The 50 km trail has been designed to take participants through the most important places of the Park.

Pantelleria Trail
Pantelleria Trail
(photo by Parco Nazionale Isola di Pantelleria)

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Starting from the Volcanological Museum of Punta Spadillo, you follow the path of Cala Cinque Denti to then lap the Lago Specchio di Venere, from which you go up towards Sillume and then enter the path of the Gelfiser lava flow. Still up towards Cuddia Mida and then descend to the Benikulà Cave to continue up to the Favara Grande and come across the south side of the island with a suggestive passage over Balata dei Turchi. Then go back up passing on the ridge of Monte Gibele and then Montagna Grande to the top. You would return to the starting point by crossing the vineyards around Cuddia Randazzo then diving into the Kaggiar stream and touching Cala Cottone.

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